Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm Late, I'm Late!!! for my blog date!

I was running pell mell to keep apace with the fast-driving tractor man (MM) yesterday, This beautiful Buckeye popped out of the grass in front of me.  I flailed the camera bag off my shoulder, zipped it open, yanked out the Rebel and got this one-handed shot, as I held up my other hand, traffic-cop style and commanded MM stop.  He did...I'm sure you knew that!  But there's just a teensy bit of fuzziness around the edges of the shot, so all the chasing, and dashing, and whatever, created some challenge, not to mention breathing fast!

It was a "town day" today, but one I really liked.  I am cleaning out our old cottage and had a mountain of good stuff that I didn't want.  It's amazing how many thrift stores have opened in our little nearby town of Lewisburg!  I learned of four today, maybe five...the one I chose for a small heap of Pampered Chef kitchen stuff, was right on the way we were heading.  The people were so friendly and happy to get my gifts.  You can be sure I will be bringing more.  I was thinking, as I left the items, what a great place so shop for Christmas!  How could you do better than to pay a modest price for something nice, something that someone else (like me) had passed along to others.  Good stuff.  I believe shopping at Thrifts is one of the best ways we can help change the world.
I repeat:
Use it up
Wear it out
Make it do
Or do without!

Two of my readers emailed me earlier in the week with a link to a fascinating article in the New York Times about coyotes.  For those of you following MM's and my coyote adventures, I believe you'll find it doubly interesting.
Here's the link: (you might have to paste the info below into your Browser.

I wanted to make clear one thing:  MM and I are not about wholesale killing of coyotes.  We are about making enough noise that the coyotes don't want to mess with our turkeys and chickens.  We hope they'll continue their distant lives elsewhere.  The shotgun noise serves to accomplish this.  They haven't been here since the full moon.

Thank you, Miriam and Debbi!


  1. Elora -- Your shot of the buckeye was beautiful. I have never seen one in nature. -- only in books.

    One of my favorite subjects -- thrift shops. I use them when I have a decent one near. In my travels I have found certain areas provide better quality than others. I know it is a thrift but I still like good material.

    Glad to hear you are only chasing the coyotes off.

    Have a wonderful weekend. barbara

  2. Hi Elora:

    It is a wonder that we didn't run into each other on your thrift store adventure. We have been frequenting the same stores "trading in" some of our surplus stuff for other useful stuff. I have noticed too that there are more thrift stores these days, and of course, there are more yard sales than ever. Definitely a sign of the times! We still have a bit more stuff to take over and donate. We're in the process of organizing the basement now as we get ready to spend more time there over the winter. I'm actually looking forward to a slower pace as I soak up that heat from the wood stove and catch up on blogging, reading, and volunteer work. Take care and tell MM I said hello.