Thursday, December 9, 2010

Absolutely Cold

On PBS last night, NOVA featured a program on Absolute Zero.  Well....I guess we're a little way from that!  But it sure feels absolutely C-O-L-D!!!

It's 8 degrees here this morning!  MM got up three times last night to stoke the fires in both the kitchen stove and the living room stove overnight.  Where did this painful weather come from???  They're calling it an Arctic Clipper. 

Today--"they" say we're getting a brief respite, up into the low 40's.  That will give us time to reload the feed bin, thaw the watertanks to some extent, and resume a partly even keel position.   The sky is absolutely cloudless right now.  Crystalline.  As I look out, I see several of the animals lying down right beside the fence.  The dogs have come out of their houses and are testing the outside air.  This kind of cold takes a lot of animal-calories, so we're feeding an extra ration.  It's a dry cold, and as deep as it is, is lots better than freezing rain or the other assorted, wet, cold conditions that could visit.  So, I don't want to appear to complain.  It's winter.   It's to be expected....just not this early!  Picky, picky!


  1. I'm with you, Elora...this cold is hard to take! I think, for me, the problem is that there has been no gradual transition period from warm to cool to cold to Arctic. Just warm to brutal! One week, I had zinnias and daisies and asters and roses---the next week, dry, brown, shriveled husks. :-(

    I got up three times last night, too. But it was because I drank so much tea and cocoa to try to get warm! :-)

  2. Elora -- I'm still wheeling over the heat of last summer --I can't possibly complain about the cold just yet. -- barbara

  3. Beth and Barbara!

    I agree....'getting used" to the cold would have helped, Beth! It came in fast! We still had some usable veggies in the garden. No more, though!


    I know what you mean....from the frying pan to the freezer!