Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice

Wishing you the very best of the season!


  1. What a creative shot! Happy Solstice to you all -- barbara

  2. Barbara!

    Thanks so very much for your comments! I do so appreciate your blog, too. Lately, with the kiddies at home because of school closing, the Internet has been very S-L-O-W...so it's been difficult for me to visit my usual "haunts" (websites) and read others' blogs, and then make comments.

    I loved your blog on the Santa's Helper. I could almost hear one of those Antiques Road Show comments: "...do you have any idea how much it is worth??!!" and then a mental picture of you, fainting into a closeby chair, breathlessly realizing that you are now a millionaire! The carving was simply wonderful! and there was another blog post you did, and the subject escapes me right now, but I simply could not get on your lovely website to post a comment. I am told Frontier is still on track to provide our neck of the woods with high speed internet, come March-ish. So, things should improve!

    Again, thanks much! Have a wonderful holiday season and I hope your son is there with you to share it!


  3. Hooray! The nights are getting shorter. My tree is up - symbol of pagan something or other, the heating is on and I don't even care if I can't get into town.

  4. Beautiful photo! Solstice blessings and a happy holiday season to you and MM.
    Julia x

  5. Gorgeous photograph! When we lived in WI, I waited anxiously for the solstice. I then checked the weather channel every day to see how many more milliseconds of light we got that day.

    Here in NC, I still welcome the idea of lengthening daylight but I'm not longer obsessed with it. We have more sunny days than not.