Friday, December 3, 2010

It's That Time of Year....

"Frosted window panes.....Santa's on his way......!
It's that time of year....when the world falls in love..."

As we close out the week, it's snowing lightly here, JOTOLR.  Only flurries, but I am beginning to feel like I am living in one of those lovely glass paperweights that swirl when you shake them!  There is a shallow dusting of flakes on the ground outside, and even though green grass is still the major player, I feel winter coming...and I am glad.  We need the rest.  We need the time to reflect, to plan, and to enjoy the slower pace. 
Thank you, everyone, for your lovely comments this past week!  I am filled with joy as I read them, and extend a hug to all of you, far and near.  You are inspiration!

Here's wishing you a Happy Weekend!  It's showdown time on the gridiron:  South Carolina versus Auburn should be a barn burner!!
Love you all!
See you Monday!


  1. Elora -- your window panes looked like my car windows this morning -- scrape-scrape. -- barbara

  2. No frosted windows or snow, but much colder than normal here. Have a great weekend!

  3. Great photo! I love frost patterns!

  4. That is a truly beautiful photo, Elora. It is certainly a good thing to remember to find the beauty in winter. We, too, have snow and I'm trying hard not to think about last winter when our electricity was out for five days at Christmas because of a deep snow. It is definitely not fun when you don't have a woodstove, though we did try to make the best of it. But a house full of kerosene fumes gets old quickly. :-)

  5. Oh, Barbara! I can relate to that! It's one of the joys of 'being retired'...not having to...
    Thanks much, NCMW!

    Thanks so much, Vicki and Beth! You be careful with those kero heaters, Beth!! They can kill people with the carbon monoxide which deprives humans of oxygen. Nearly lost it all one time as a result of a kero heater in a tightly closed space, so am speaking from experience!

    Thanks all!