Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It's an odd-looking photo, to be sure!  It's a bad sign when the photographer has to explain what the image is!  Nonetheless, I was capitvated by this rose-bush encased in ice.  And the lighting wasn't that wonderful.  Nonetheless, ice, after all, is the issue at hand today!  When the temperature hits 12 degrees as it did overnight, and rises no higher than 20 during the day....it's a "nippy" situation.  But we can cope.  After all, when we taught school in Grayling Alaska, we awakened to several mornings which registered 70 degrees BELOW zero. 

But, of course, we don't expect severe conditions anywhere near like that here in WV.  And we don't expect anything remotely resembling what we currently have this time of year, in WV, either.  Add to the low temperatures a 25 mph "breeze" and we have the makings of a marathon of filling water containers, chipping ice, heating water carriers, making sure that all stay open and that animals are getting the water they need.  It's a constant battle.  And the wind makes it worse. 

Quite honestly, it's bitter out there.  Not at all fun. We don't have as much snow-cover, either, as we would want to insulate the various foundations and water sources.  All in all, this isn't my idea of winter at its best!  Matter of fact, I usually celebrate the first snow, but after last winter's blast, I turned wary hearing the forecast.  After all, last winter we spent 62 days locked in, here, and unable to get out.  The tractor, normally reliable, decided to quit just as the hard weather descended upon us; we were in the midst of hauling in firewood when it did; and then it snowed....and snowed.....and snowed.....and we were unable to break winter's grip.  OTOH, it looks like Friday will see us back into the 40's for the moment, and that will give us a chance to catch our breath!  Meanwhile, we're taking the bitter with the sweet!


  1. Oh my Elora that ice is awful. I've been in a lockdown because of ice before - 6 days with no electricity and no heat so it wasn't pretty. Thank goodness for gas stoves in a case like that. blessings, marlene

  2. We thought nothing of this type weather when we lived in WI. In fact, we expected (and got) this and much worse. But it just isn't fair to have such cold weather and high winds here in NC in early December. I'm looking forward to the warm up back to normal temperatures.

  3. Marlene,

    At least power outages have been brief! Even with our "pioneer" type living, we do miss the electricity when it fails! We "get along" without it, but the water becomes especially problematic. So, we're in your corner on that one!

    NCMW: you are so right. In WI you learn to anticipate and are prepared. Here, we're always "caught" it seems because....well, dadgummit! It's the principle of the thing! We not SUPPOSED to have weather like this, or this early!! It's an insult! :-))