Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Potpourri.  Sounds better than Miscellaneous, doesn't it.  So, let's go with potpourri!  I have a bunch of loose ends that probably could do with a little tying up....

TURKEY:    For those of you sensitives, you may want to shield your eyes and heart.  But this turkey was delicious!  Six months from chick to Christmas.  Weight:  24 pounds.  Isn't it beautiful?!
I seem to feel a responsibility when consuming nature's bounty like this.  I am grateful, reverent, and well aware of the bargain we struck.  So, when it comes to ending a life for my eating pleasure, it seems only fair that I should be witness to the event (or at least the idea of the event should I be purchasing the bird from the supermarket).  Of course not everyone can "do" their very own turkey and I realize that, but it seems encumbent that we know "what happened" and accept the choice we've made.

MOMMA'S SQUEEZE BOX:  Remember a long while back when I was "ranting" about "Made in China" and the shoddy workmanship we have to put up with for almost everything we buy because it's Made in China...???  Well, guess what! My "German-engineered" Hohnica accordion is on its way back to the factory.  The F-Major key sounds like a bunch of off-key spring frogs chorusing and the G-key on the treble side has a heart murmur.  So, despite the delight I've had in playing and enjoying, such is diminshing as elements of poor quality begin to appear.  I just hope fixing these two things will ensure nothing else goes to pot!
TO DYE-FOR GARDENING:  These are the books I bought to learn about growing dye plants.  There is also much information available on the Internet, too.  I just bought the books and haven't had a chance to burrow into them, but I will, before the winter's over!  I do want to harvest some plants this coming year for doing natural dyes!

PRETTY YARN:  This is the project that my friend Debbi has taught me to do.  I am slow, to be sure, and have had to rip out some rows (veeeerrrrry carefully!) but I am gradually making my way through.  I purchased the yarn on a Special that Paradise Fibers was offering for Louisa Harding yarns, heavily discounted for me because of my purchase of the Country Spinner.  The yarn is simply luscious!  It's 50% Merino and 50% Silk.  A bit slippery to work with, but my AddiTurbos are coping, as am I!

GREEN HORNET:  I took the Green Hornet out late yesterday afternoon and good thing I did, as it looks like a serious thaw is underway, here.  Whew!  Is that thing ever FAST!!  At least that's something the Chinese know how to do!  Hardly anything can go wrong on it!

VIEW FROM THE KITCHEN SINK last night after milking.  


  1. We are considering raising a few turkeys next year -- the chicken experiment went so well.

  2. That turkey is beautiful! At 24 pounds, I know you'll be enjoying him for many days to come. I really love leftover turkey---there are so many things you can do with it.

    Looks like you're coming along nicely with the knitting---that blue is lovely.

  3. Good luck with your turkey venture, Vicki! Well worth the effort!

    Beth, wonderful to hear from you, dear (loved your persimmon pudding story!)...did you have a good Christmas? The turkey HAS been great! We went for turkey curry last night...getting down to the turkey-stew stage, though! Thanks for mention of my knitting! BTW, do you make sock monkeys???