Wednesday, December 22, 2010

By the Light of the Silvery (golden) Moon

Night before last we arrived home in the almost-dark, compliments of the local wrecking truck that came to fetch not only my poor little ancient Ford Escort, but us, as well. 

We had ventured out to get our flu shots at our local Health Department and the poor old car decided to rebel.  The starter got stuck, somewhere between on and off, and we found ourselves stranded in the Health Dept. parking lot.  After a few phone calls, and lovely, caring assistance from the ladies at the clinic, who even drove to the repair shop when it appeared as though the phones were out, and arranged for the rescue, we got the car towed and even finagled a ride back home in a big truck with the car on the truck's bed.   I think they felt sorry for these two old geezers....But...I digress......

When we arrived back home, there was still a cow to be the --by now--mostly dark.  But, MM long ago had installed wee lights in the milking stall which makes the chore a breeze...but more to the point was the pink-frosting sky and that glorious moon to worship just one more time!  With the snow floor glistening it was practically daylight!  After both of us scurrying about to gather hay for the cows, feed for the calf, and buckets of warm water to thaw the tank for the cows and calf...I happened to look up through those boney fingers of the Black Walnut...and oh, my!  What incredible beauty!  And there was that still-full moon, casting long shadows across the snowy wasn't quite dark and it wasn't quite light...puffy clouds drifted about the moon's face creating a surrealistic backdrop for Old Man Moon.  Who could want for more!


  1. How fortunate the car chose a good place to rebel. I'm so thankful it wasn't on some isolated mountain road.

    Lovely photographs.

  2. You always put such a cheerful twist on what could have been a miserable moment. I'm glad you were able to get sorted out. The bright moonlight has been calling me but 1 trip up the hill each day is enough for my old knee. Off soon to walk/hitch into town to get those last few things.

  3. Always so lovely Elora - glad you made it home OK with the car and all that - you always have an adventure to tell!! I'll take advantage of this moment to just say Merry Christmas! As of tomorrow I enter no-internet land for a few days up at my in-laws... I hope you and MM have a wonderful day!!!

  4. That second photo is absolutely heavenly!

  5. Thank you all for your comforting words! Yes, my old car did choose a nice place in which to rest! But, to date, it is still in the repair shop, with the technician still scratching his head as to why it won't start...even with a new starter....hmmmmm...

    And thank you everyone for your comments on my photos! Ruta, you're a trooper!! Hiking six miles to town and back to Christmas shop, has got to take the cake for diligence or ...foolhardiness??? Shame on you, girl!

    NCMW, you're a dear! Me, too! We always have our Alaskan parkas in the car this time of year. Plus a Thermos of water, some goodies to eat, and a flashlight. Hope you are having a delightful holiday!

    Loved your comment, Vicki! Indeed a "heavenly body."

    Thanks all! Happy Christmas to everyone!

    Elora you are such a sweetie. I hope your time with in-laws is wonderful. Give Andrea my best, too! I still haven't visited his blog!