Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blowin' in the Wind...

That sun is wickedly deceptive today.  Bright!  Inviting.  Kissing the tops of the snow-covered hills... offering the impression that what appears beyond my window is real:  balmy breezes and crystal clear blue skies.  Focus on the "crystal."  Take one look at the thermometer, though, and the surprise will keep you indoors today.  It's nine degrees.  NINE.  And those "balmy" breezes?  They cut like a saber, especially as they pipe up to 15 mph. 

It was a wicked night last night.  Cade's roof blew off her doghouse, and she apparently spent the night curled up in a ball inside the remaining walls.  Marigold was shivering as we milked her around 5:00 p.m. last evening.  Around 2:00 a.m. I caught the sound of a five-gallon bucket rumbling the full length of the porch in the midst of still another blast of Arctic air. 

When we lived in Alaska, there was a late-night B-movie program that came on every night at midnight.  It was called Tundra Terror.  Well, I have to say, last night was Tundra Terror night, with all kinds of things going bump in the night, the wind howling, and waiting for the next object to sail by the house, half expecting a door to blow in. 

It's way better in the daylight.  Things have settled down now.  And since I can't go outside to play, I am finding lots of toys inside!  It's a day of knitting, spinning, reading; MM is baking bread today!  The smell is luscious!  He loves to bake bread.  Who could complain about a day like this?!  And here's hoping tonight won't be as vicious as it was last night. 


  1. Elora -- your day sounds perfect. I really like days like you are enjoying. Pick out a project and spend the say with it!! And to have a baker sending out aromas of freshly baked bread is beyond perfect. -- barbara

  2. Hi Elora just catching up on my reading - been a bit busy! But have enjoyed your posts! Beautiful amazing photographs of course :) And I swear I will never complain about the cold again, althoug I'm not too good with the Fahrenheit thing is 9 degrees somewhere below 0 Celsius? Take care!!

  3. Barbara,
    I have to say, it's been a lovely lovely day, inside, hunkered down! And it's still blowing outside. Wish you were here with me. We'd share a cuppa tea!

    Elora, you sweet thing! Hate to tell you, but I'll give it to you straight: 9 degrees is actually -12 C. Add to that the wind, blowing occasionally to 25 mph, and here in F. we are at -15F. degrees, and the chart I have for Celcius conversion peters out before I get to that!! Suffice it to say it continues on the frigid side!

    Thanks for your comments, ladies! Love you a bunch!

  4. Great photos but that is crazy cold! Poor wee Cade - what a trooper. Your home sounds so cozy between all that spinning and bread baking.
    Thanks for your concern - the finger is slowly mending, a little run in with a very sharp sashimi knife :-) My tutor in cooking school always told us to keep our knives super sharp so that if we got a cut at least it would be a clean cut that would heal faster!
    Keep warm, thinking of you x

  5. Beautiful frost pictures! It's been bitter here too -- though we had sun at last.

  6. Your frost shots are lovely. It's a good thing to find beauty in all this bone-chilling cold.