Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Green Hornet

Remember that sled I bought late last summer?  You thought I was nuts, didn't you???!! 

Well, I know how to pick sleds, believe me! As well as when to buy them!  After all, you want that sled HERE when the first good snowfall comes, not hanging on the wall at Magic Mart! I'm proud of my forward-thinking on this!! My sled was ready to roll.

Hence, I just got in from tackling the big hill out by the south field apple tree, and this sucker is slicker than....okra! 

The first time out of the box, I fairly FLEW down the hill without even making a trail!   With the last sled I always, always had to mash down a trail first.  Not with my Green Hornet! It is F-A-S-T!!

And who was I sledding with?  Nobody but me.  MM hates sledding.  And, I found last year that if I take the two dogs out with me, they spend all their excitement chasing each other and getting in my way, so I made my decision:  sled solo. 

And it was GREAT! This hill is perfect.   Man, the snow was flying off on each side of the sled as I ripped open six inches of white stuff and headed for the woods.  Of course, I can never forget as a child, losing my front teeth to a huge rock during one winter, so I am still a bit leery as I approach large trees and an electric fence.  But (NCMountain Woman) it DOES steer!  You hang a foot over the side, stick out an arm....or simply roll off.  What a machine!! 

So, if the freezing rain doesn't impose its ugly self on us in the next couple of hours, I'll be back at it. Crazy old woman that I am!  Wish you could join me out here, JOTOLR!!

Thanks for stopping by this past week!  It sure has been a  challenge out here at times what with the incredibly low temperatures.  But, as usual, we made it just fine!  I know you were pulling for us!!
Oh, and BTW...I'm taking Friday off this week. 

Have a wonderful weekend
See you Monday!


  1. I knew that thing would be a speed demon. Just reading this fun post makes me feel like a kid again. I have such visions of you "steering" and rolling off the sled before hitting the fence. If you do get freezing rain and it turns icy on the snow, please don't take that thing out. Can't imagine how fast the hornet would go down the hill on ice!

  2. Elora -- I know why you are taking off Friday -- to race down those hills on your sled. -- barbara

  3. I promise, NCMW, not to take it out on this icy stuff! If I did...I know I would find myself in the next county....which, in point of fact, is about 20 yards away, since we live in two! :-))

    You're right, Barbara! But, I was getting so far behind in comments and responses to others' blogs, this seemed like a necessary break and I confess, I am inside! Too icy! (see above)

    Thanks, Vicki!! You, too!!!

  4. We've still got our little red sled that I bought in a car boot sale for £1. Jack next door borrowed it for the last snowfall but he got an early Christmas present of a new sled from a neighbour so it is back here. Maybe I'll go out with the boys though they prefer to snow board.Just checked and there is only one board so that might cause some brotherly rivalry.

  5. Yay for the Green Hornet! And yay for Elora! I can attest to the joy of snow flying, as we used to have a wonderful sledding hill beside our house in Boone, NC. It also sloped towards woods, so I had to teach my children the fine art of rolling safely off the sled.

  6. Ohh sledding how fun! When I was a kid we used big black garbage bags :) Enjoy Elora!! It's finally snowing here - but it's more like ice rain. Maybe it will turn into snowflakes!

  7. Elora,

    Your toy is spelled Wii....mine is spelled wheeeeeeee!