Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Ketchup

Now, what was it she said that I wanted to respond to? Darn! Can’t quite reach it…memorywise!  Ahhhh!  Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind (memory) the most! 
But no matter.  We'll carry on.  

So, here goes with a quick retrospective of this past week for my wonderful readers: (kind of a one-site-fits-all approach!) Love you, each and every one…and thank you for all your comments this past week:

Merisi—you are soooo right! I’m mulling your comment concerning either blogging or commenting! Priceless! I've got to make some adjustments, I think. What a lovely name!  I looked up a possible meaning and it says, "Comes from the sea.."  Does that fit?

Vicki—my newest blog-find (go to for a real treat, ( again I marvel at the interests we share, and I so love your blog, Vicki!) and thank you Barabara (go to for pointing me in Vicki’s direction

Marlene -- When do you leave? I’ll miss you! Hope your journey is very rewarding! Thanks ever so much for your friendship!

Ruta – My faithful oh-so-busy-you-put-me-to-shame online friend! Love the new picture of you on your blog! Your garden is simply INCREDIBLE! Go to to see Ruta's love and devotion.  What a joy!

Beth—Miss your blog. Lots. Thank you so much for your always-sweet and encouraging comments. I sometimes feel you live right next door to me (which would have to be at least a mile away as my nearest neighbor!) BTW, be sure to purchase diatomaceous earth that is NOT used for swimming pools. While it may appear to be inexpensive, it is not good for you! Check out the warning on the website I provided in my post. It’s in red and titled FYI.  And the Devil-in-the-Garden is thanks to Vicki Lane.

Debbi – Thank you always for your comments, and I do think the sock idea (dusting with it) is a fabulous old-timey method! You go, girl, on that beautiful garden you have so faithfully tended.  Go to

Julia – It’s so wonderful having a friend who’s experiencing WINTER right now!! (in addition to all the rest of the joy you give me! If you’ve not looked at Julia’s Island Home blog from New Zealand, do! Go to:

Elora – I have an email cooking on the back burner for you. Wedding’s fast approaching, I know! Loved your post on the toys of your youth!  My namesake’s blog is at  You'll love her writing and her vantage point as she sits on the threshhold of a major life change:  MARRIAGE

And now.....something
I came across this article in the news, yesterday and I urge you ALL to have a look. It’s something I would never have imagined…..but as most of you are grandparents or parents—or even parents-to-be…..this needs to be in your mind.

For Very Young, Peril Lurks in Lithium Cell Batteries.

Translated: Lithium Batteries Can Kill Children –

Read the entire article at

Here’s wishing you a delightful weekend! And thank you everyone for chatting with me this past week. How I treasure your friendships!


  1. Hi Elora, We're actually on the road - halfway to our destination. It's an 8 or 8 1/2 hour drive and we decided to do it in two days because Jerry was out of town for a week before we left(got home at midnight on Thursday and we were leaving Friday!) We knew he would be tired and an early night on Friday and easy day on Saturday would work best. We should arrive about noon or a little after at Baldwin. It was an easy day with lots of beautiful wild flowers to see on the way. I'll talk to you again soon. blessings, marlene

  2. What a nice thing to say, Elora! I wish I WAS your neighbor---I'd love that. I could picture us trading plants back and forth and sitting in the cool of our front porches, talking. And I know, for sure, that your husband MM and mine would be fast friends.

    But at least we can sit on our virtual front porch and enjoy each other's company, right? :-)