Monday, June 21, 2010

Wet 'n Cool

Summer!  It's here!  We thought it would never arrive, didn't we!  Well, as the old saying goes, "Don't wish for anything too hard or you'll probably get it." 

Things are HOT ...really hot out here JOTOLR!  We are in the process of staking tomatoes.  Poor things.  At first they look as if they've been thrashed.  But they recover overnight.  Now, early as it is, heat is already radiating off the dark garden soil.  It shimmers above the green grass.  Late afternoon showers visit us with a hot rain that bursts out of fat clouds, more like a tantrum than a gift.

But our Great Pyrenees knows how to cool things down...

The soaker hose is doing its work, gently, almost invisibly...

The frogs are in their element...

Think cool, enjoy....remember last winter?


                                                       It won't be long...!

P. S.  --  We had a bat in the house last night.  That was interesting.  Just before we turned in, something swooped over my head.  And then again.  I was glad to see the bat, but not as glad to have it IN the house!  So, MM decided to leave all the doors open, in order to let the poor bat out.  That did nothing to ease my mind as (instead of sheep) I began to count the myriad groups of animals that would have access to the house all night long....snakes, possums, skunks, dogs, frogs.....  Count Dracula and a phalanx of vampire bats spent the night cruising through my dreams....Needless to say, it was a restless rest.  And I was up EARLY!  So far, no bat, but I haven't checked all the available corners, either!


  1. Ok I would not be sleeping in the house with a bat! I can't think how to catch one but surely there's a way. :) blessings, marlene

  2. Sometimes our pipistrelle bats fly in an open window and swoop around. My main concern is to shut up the cats until I can shoo the bat out of the window or catch it when it hangs on a curtain or wall hanging. They're really cute tiny bats about the size of a mouse.

  3. I sympathise with you - can't stand anything swooping and flying around inside!
    Great photos - love the frog one especially, ours move too fast to ever capture with the camera.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post - oh dear I hope I haven't added to your summer workload with reading up on all the WAPF and nutrient dense info! Don't apologise for not replying though, it's a busy time of the year and a garden and farm wait for no-one.

    The sun is out here so I'm off to check if it's dried out enough for garlic planting.
    Happy gardening

  4. Beautiful pictures! Hot and dry here -- I was thinking a bit wistfully about winter today.

  5. It's been dreadful hot here, too. I've been spending WAY too much time in the company of our garden hose. I'm longing and praying for a cool rain to break up this suffocatingly humid air mass.

    I really love that frog picture. You're a very good photographer, Elora.

    (By the way, I've been on a sort-of hiatus from the computer.)

  6. Hey, everyone! Thanks much for your comments on my Wet 'n Cool post.


    Funny you should mention garlic PLANTING. On that very day, we were garlic PULLING. Love the seasonal differences.

    Maybe using "the 'Net?" As in butterfly net! The bat left of its own accord, thankfully!


    Thanks so much! No rain in sight, tho'! The soaker hose has saved us both water and time. It was a bargain. Check out


    I look forward to making a run to the basement which is COOOOOOOOL, DARK AND DAMP! I find myself lingering, trying to locate a job that would keep me there...but alas! No such luck!


    Are you having any trouble with declines in bat populations there in North Devon? Locally, here, ours are being ravaged by White Nose Syndrome, reducing populations tremendously. I've heard of the the pipistrelle bats. Need to look up a photo of one out of curiosity.

    Thanks much, everyone!