Friday, June 4, 2010

Thank you.

This post simply needs a space of its own.

Barbara at
has a great blog that shares so much I believe will be of interest to everyone; it will take you at least a year of reading, though,  to absorb it all. and by that time, knowing her so far, she'll have given you lots more to learn!  You'll wind up "behind" as I have!!   She has directed me to so many things I would not have otherwise discovered. Thank you Barbara for all you've shared, researched and discovered and for your generous online friendship, girl.



  1. I second that motion! Always something worthwhile at Folkways!

  2. Elora -- You are so generous in your remarks about my blog. It truly was astounding to me to hear such nice comments.

    I know we both love blogging -- it opens new avenues of discoveries, for not only ourselves, but hopefully for the folks who read our posts.

    All the blogs listed on my sidebar are aristocrats of the blogging world. Their heart is truly in their writing and it shows through their posts.

    Thank you Elora -- for your contributions of excellent posts and yes, for for your online friendshop as well. -- barbara