Monday, June 28, 2010

What is it?...and other Short Takes...

What is it?

 This is the “what-is-it?” season. All sorts of things emerge, which if my recollection doesn’t deceive me, I’ve never seen before. Now, this item pictured above, (I confess), we unearthed several years ago when we were plowing a field. Nonetheless, its purpose and its origin remain a mystery. It seems to be an intentionally crafted stone ball. Was it made by a Native American?  If so, how was it crafted?  Was it for a game? Perhaps a hunting tool? Or a weapon? Any ideas?

And here’s another “what-is-it?” MM found this cute little fellow on the railing, and as always when he finds something noteworthy, he calls to me to get my camera. The only thing I had with me for size relationship was my four-inch pocket knife. So…what is it? Obviously a member of the pre-butterfly or pre-moth clan….Any ideas?

A thank you...

...for all your great suggestions on garden insect-management.  I've had great success with Insecticial Soap, and Conserve's Naturalyte.  Garden is doing VERY well this year. Best we have had in several years.  Yesterday we put up a dozen quarts of lovely beets!  Not a pre-chewed beet to be found thanks to all of you gardeners!  Yea!!

              It looks as though some COOOOOOLER weather is on the way.  Let's hope so!

Sounds I welcome….

I love the sound of a train whistle. Why, I cannot explain. And, I’m so glad the Wood Thrush is back with its serenade at dusk rippling through the woods. I love the sounds of hay being made—the chunk-clunk of the baler as it eats its way through the field. I love the sound of thunder….but only AFTER the hay is made!

A sound I miss…

What would I give to hear a whippoorwill again!? A lot! Perhaps we need some divine intervention to bring back some of the things that have given us so much pleasure in the past that seem to have "moved on."  Some habitat restoration, perhaps? Do any of you have the pleasure of hearing a whipporwill anymore?


  1. Elora -- Could your stone be a geode? Rather looks like it from the photo. We have lots of geodes that folks find in the soil when tilling or near the creek beds. Crack it open to find out????

    Would the Bug Guide be of any help in identifying the small critter type thing?

    Your beets looked beautiful in the photo and I bet will taste mighty fine this winter!

    -- barbara

  2. Geode was my thought but the ones we have are rough on the outside. If it spent a lot of time in a stream or river, I guess it could get rubbed smooth.

    Nor a clue about the caterpillar -- he see,s quite formal with his white collar.

    Gorgeous sky pictures!

  3. Barbara, Vicki,

    Yes, indeed...the round stone could be a geode...I remember when I lived in the Pacific Northwest, hiking in the mountains we would occasionally come across a geode. I never thought of them, here, though, thinking (incorrectly) that geologically,they were products of granite/quartz, etc. I hate to break see if there's a "middle"....


    What a wonderful website is Bug Guide! I sent in my query, with photo, and immediately received a reply from someone, who identified the green caterpillar as a Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. My only problem: I can't find a place/way to comment and thank the person! What a great website! www.BugGuide.Net

    Sorry for the scramble of my blog, still isn't right, but that was yesterday! New start today! :-))