Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's Over...

What a bash of color this year! The roses have put on quite a show.

But now it’s over and their beauty is fading.

Or is it?

Maybe it’s because of my own age that I can identify with what many would call a diminshed appearance!  (Where did those wrinkles come from?!)   Brown edges, paperlike, but still proud. Fragrance that continues long after the petals have fallen (I'll put them in a net bag and hide their scent in a drawer for a winter surprise.)  A splash of color in a dish left outside during the rain. Even a rose hip for my tea--loaded with Vitamin C--after all the petals have dropped.There's still much to be revealed...

I see the beauty in the rose's transition…and cannot bring myself to whack off the parchment blossoms. Their aging doesn’t insult my eye. In fact, I rather like their changing faces as their season comes to a close.


  1. One of the most beautiful women I know is now 87 years old. She is quite stooped, and her face is deeply lined. But she has an air of quiet joy about her and loves life. She still cooks huge pots of chicken and dumplings for the county fair, and makes beautiful quilts. Age isn't about the skin, it's about the heart. blessings, marlene

  2. Tennyson said it: "Though much is taken, much remains . . ."