Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Garden

It's the center of our lives right now!  Keeping ahead of the weeds, worrying when a weather forecast mentions "penny-sized hail" (oh, nooooo!), breathing with a sigh of relief when it doesn't materialize...and on the verge of putting the first crop of vitamins and sunshine into the jars, moving them to the cellar into the dark, where, next winter...we will dine in style!

Here are a few "grab-and-go" images ...

Bright Lights Swiss chard is just about ready for first harvest

Know what this is? (below)

Here's a clue:  it is enjoyed during football season....POPCORN!  Oh, so much better than Orvil's or --God forbid--microwave!

Here are several of my all-time favorite garden essentials.....

And this?  An heirloom Trumpet Vine that must be close to 100 years old, which lives in the top of our old pear tree

Check back for another post later today when I'll share Chick-Raising 101.

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