Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Webs We Weave...

This time of year, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, isn’t it? I do, sometimes. We assign ourselves tasks and lists that are way too big, and since gardens and produce are among the things MM and I value out here JOTOLR this is the “labor intensive”season. But this year, I am taking more time to savor the process. I am journey-focused rather than destination-focused.

Usually, this is my annual tizzy-time. Everything seems to need doing yesterday! Facing a wall of weeds, a broken implement needed for harvesting hay, a fretful animal--the quality of the day in the past was often judged by whether or not we completed the self-assigned tasks or “failed” to complete them….

Putting those weeds in the compost bin; tucking that hay into the barn with a hand-swish of relish makes for a day’s success.

What about not getting it done, though? Does that subtract from the “success” of a day?
When I become too intensely “success oriented” I need to remind myself to stop, breathe deeply, and take a look around…drink in the intoxicating fragrances of the dew-spangled flowers, and measure what I am doing by the beauty I see all around me.  I am gradually understanding that to finish something is simply the need to begin all over again.

Those persistent “devils-in-the-garden, pop back out, multiply and divide and re-establish themselves with vigor and vitality. To rest on any perceived laurels of having triumphed over them is pure folly! Eventually, the mower is repaired and the rained-on hay dries out and is eventually baled; the fretful cow calms down. Life evens out.

So, for me, I’m gradually learning that the “success” of every day is simply the beauty of  living out here JOTOLR, and that--by itself--transcends any need to complete. The joy is in the journey.



  1. Love your photo of the web -- gorgeous. You are an excellent photographer. Your post is a reminder to all of us to stop and smell the roses to use an old cliche. Easier said then done sometimes. I decided long ago to thank the weeds for their long deep roots that bring up nutrients to the surface and therefore give them some room in my garden to do so. They also provide an excellent moisture cover too. Of course, I cannot let them take out my plantings so I do limit their growth somewhat.

    I always enjoy your posts -- you always have something for me to mull over during my day. -- thanks Elora -- barbara

  2. You're talking to me -- and my list of lists!

    A most wonderful shot of the spiderweb in the chickenwire!

  3. Wonderful photo! Even though we are in opposite seasons I know how you feel with all the work. I've been working 6 days a week with a 1 hr commute (job finished yesterday!) but there's so much to do - weeding, mulching, wood chopping and new vegetable garden to design and prepare that I've been neglecting my blogging and only keeping up with a couple of blogs (yours always!). Hope you have a wonderful weekend - it's a 3 day weekend here to celebrate Queens Birthday so I'm off to our little family cottage in the mountains with the clan :-)