Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Suspended By An Invisible Thread

Dearest Readers,

You are such a joy to me, every single one of you! You teach me so much, you bring things to my attention I’d never considered, you offer your friendship unconditionally. You share so many wonderful topics and so generously!  I enjoy every comment, every word.

But, I have a confession to make: with summer here, the garden demanding my time….I have fallen terribly behind with responses to your lovely comments. I am hanging by an invisible thread!

I promised you all a Comment on Comments post. Well, guess what! I’m delinquent and unable to fulfill that promise in a timely manner, what with weeds and hay and hay and weeds! Out here JOTOlR, we'll have to continue to list this Comment on Comments as a “Coming Attraction.” About all I can seem to manage right now, is keeping the daily blog posts going.  That's summer!  And summer is here!

Forgive me for the moment. I will catch up when we've beat back the “devil-in-the-garden” (more on that later on, Beth)(thank you, Vicki Lane for the term) and take shelter and leisure in a nice, limiting rainy day! 


  1. I'm grabbing a moment before tackling some winter-wounded shrubbery with prunibg shears. There's not enough time in the day... or night!

  2. Hello,
    I read your comment over at Vicki's virtual porch and - curious cat that I am - had to come here and see for myself!

    How well do I understand the conundrum you are in regarding readers' comments and the desire to answer them all! Frankly, from where I sit, I have come to the conclusion that it is simply a matter of either writing a blog or answering all the comments. Which comes first, I ask. ;-)

    Greetings from the city,

  3. I completely understand, Elora. Summer is such a busy, busy time---one of the many reasons I stopped my own blogging. I really love your posts (your writing and your photos)---I learn SO much from them and look forward to reading them. Please don't feel like you have to respond to our comments (though I AM eager to hear about Devil-in-the-Garden). It is enough that you give us such pleasure and valuable information in your posts and that you give us a taste of the beauty at your mountain farm in your photos. Thank you for that.