Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Carrying On...

In the short run, #OWS has been successful beyond it's wildest, most optimistic hopes and dreams. Within the short span of a little over a month, the Movement has galvanized those who support and those who don't. With winter coming on though, (history speaks to Washington's travails at Valley Forge during winter) many are wondering how the protesters will fare when the weather becomes crushing as it has a tendency to do in NYC in December and January.

So, with that in mind....what's next for Occupy Wall Street, you are wondering.Go to the Occupy Wall Street Press for "what's brewing":
Scroll down until you find the article on Adbusters on the lefthand side

Additionally, go here

After reading the first article, scroll down to the list of things #OWS needs and send anything you can from the list. The list includes the updated address for sending packages.

Today emphasis is shifting to the West Coast with the General Strike in Oakland.

And this might also be of interest:
We are the 99%.

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