Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Police State Coming to a Town Near You...

Watch for it! A police state is coming soon to a town near you..!  ...In some cases, it's here......and it's frightening.  Check out Keith Olbermann's program for last Monday and have a look at a police state.  Listen to Olbermann's interview of Scott Campbell.  See what you think.  Looks like police brutality to me...or are my eyes deceiving me?  Not a word, though...nothing from the MSM. 

And now, Asheville...for distributing flyers?  They don't have the right to do this.  We don't have "free speech ZONES!"  We have free speech EVERYWHERE!

By way of contrast, check out the actions of the city of my birth:  Seattle

I hope the inevitable lawsuits sink the corrupt judicial systems and bankrupt city coffers. In the best of all worlds, municipalities won't be able to afford the eventual court back-ups, let alone financial restitution and compensation they'll pay to the victims of their illegal, unconstitutional "crack-downs" and we'll have to rebuild a credible judicial system again from the ground up....go ACLU!! 

Time to get off the couch, people...Talk about abridgement of Constitutional Rights!  The sidewalks are OURS!  Our tax dollars PAID for them!  The building the police are housed in was bought and paid for by US!  It's OUR building. It belongs to the 99%.

I thought the police worked for US!  WRONG.  They work for the 1%.  Did you know that a good percentage of the police who are harrassing protestors everywhere are private security?  Many of the so-called "police" that have descended on protesters in Zucotti Park are actually private security, hired by Bloomberg and all his rich friends. And they make up their own laws and rules as they go along?

Finally, on a brighter note, stay with Keith Olbermann and enjoy his interview with David Crosby and Graham Nash.  For those of you in the 99%, this will warm your hearts!  Go to Countdown Tuesday night, November 8, 2011 


  1. Thinks are looking more and more like a repeat of our struggles for, first, independence, and the right of unions to organize a century later. Are we in a 100 year cycle that requires we renew our liberties? Jim

  2. It's startling to realize, Jim, that we have been in a perpetual cycle of "fighting" for our rights since 1779. It never stops. And that's why we can't stop. The fight goes on...and on....and on. Power is an awful thing. To realize that people aren't running for office to do something good for the American people, but rather for their own ego-centric power grab, sickens the soul...