Friday, November 18, 2011


This is sooooo cooool!  Don't miss it!

Also don't miss the fact that Congress is trying to ram through SOPA.  What is SOPA?  Life on the Internet as we currently know it, will die if SOPA goes through.  Light shows and controversial YouTubes will disappear as "the government" will have to "approve or disapprove" of materials on the Internet.  Big Brother is getting ready to extend its iron fist of control.  If SOPA goes through, we will sink further into the police state we are becoming.  Find SOPA on the web and study up because to defeat it will take a Herculian effort.  I fits the model of suppression this government is aiming to install.  Not allowing the press to cover the Day of Action by OWS has the eerie marks of totalitarian overreach.  The  news we are getting on this is mostly coming from Aljezeera. 

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