Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gasland and Other Horrors

First, have a look at from last night's Keith Olbermann's show:


And, don't miss the Worst Persons on Countdown, where Bloomberg et al staged a "terrorist attack" on New York --foiled, of course--to take the sheeple press away from the drumming at Bloomberg's PP (posh-palace) Pretty creative, eh!  Even the FBI admitted it was a bit too much to swallow, even for them! Remember Bush's red-alerts?  Every time he had to hide something else from the press, he issued a "red-alert?"  And the knee-jerk press (what of it that hadn't been bought off) was once again led by the nose on still another snipe hunt.


Then pick up a copy of this movie on your way to get those last essentials for Thanksgiving and have a look at what is being done to us.  Here in West Virginia we've been told by huge and overwhelming "gas interests" (Koch brothers, et al....for one, with all their evil tentacles undermining our water supply.....) that we are a "sacrifice zone."  So, how would you feel being labeled as such?  We've already been under seige with "mountaintop removal" and now, our farmland and the water we drink, is under attack (unlaid with karst with all its fissures and unknowns)....What are you willing to sacrifice to enrich the Koch brothers?

And while we're on the subject of earth demolition, check this out:


Finally, the light show was spectacular!  http://occupywallst.org/ and the car horns in support shouldn't go unnoticed.

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