Friday, November 4, 2011

Obama Is In the Middle of Cutting a Backroom Deal with Bankers

Bankers and Wall Street get BAILED out
We get SOLD out!

From OccupyWall Street at 

"President Obama is on the brink of cutting a backroom deal that would give bankers broad immunity for illegally throwing tens of thousands of Americans out of their homes. The Administration is pressuring state attorneys general to abandon an ongoing investigation into the massive "robo-signing" fraud, in exchange for a relatively small payoff by the banks."

Sadly, this is true.  It came out a couple of days ago, and I have been handwringing ever since.  The bankers are criminally liable for their actions.  Barack Obama is complicit in a sweep--it-under-the-rug shafting of the American people.  He's letting all the cockroaches run for cover.

Thank goodness for the crew at Occupy Wall Street for jumping on this.  As you watch this unfold, it's not rocket science to quickly realize that Obama is in the camp of big banks.  No matter what he says, he is locked in their embrace.  This is a perfect example.

MM and I worked hard to put Obama into office.  But the emperor has no clothes.

Call (forget email except to get the phone number of your representatives) and protest.  This is unconscionable!!  The bankers will get off scott-free if this goes through...


  1. Elora -- I too supported Obama -- while a Democratic friend encouraged me not too. Now a couple years later I find most of her predictions coming true. I feel conned by Obama but I also feel conned by the Republicans. In fact the whole bunch of politicians frighten me. This is a time when all the scams and criminal activities of these politicians is being uncovered. I am glad that you are putting the word out there about what is happening in regards to environment, one percenters, and the greedy power structure. They do have a stranglehold on us and I am with the Occupy movement and want it to be sustained until it has an impact on these politicians and corporates. I am just one person but I can fight back by boycotting goods. I have a "no buy" in place. I have been restricting buying nonessential food, repair items, gas (reduced use), and clothes. Perhaps my little contribution of boycotting goods will influence others??? It is interesting to follow this world-wide movement. As my Mother used to say, "something has got to give." A complex issue but that is no reason not to do something -- every little bit helps. -- barbara

  2. er, it wasn't just Americans who lost their homes/jobs/retirement savings
    When the USA sneezes Europe catches a cold

    My son is marching today to protest about the hike in UK tuition fees, I fully expect to see him in a tent outside St Paul's next

    PS pop here for a rousing video

  3. Thank you for reminding us, Mouse! I read an article last weekend on your plight; and Italy and Greece are being reduced to rubble and cannon fodder levels. So-called "austerity" measures carry no emotion. How about suicides and ravaged lives? You're so right Barbara. Betrayed is what I call it. And....have you even SEEN Obama lately? Except as he rides the skies, landing in all the cushy portals of the rich and famous, pontificating and making pronouncements about everyone else's obligations. How can all of this be unfolding and the PRESIDENT hasn't got anything to say to us? Hiding in the Oval Office under his desk I'd say.