Friday, November 4, 2011

Stronger Than You Think

Yesterday, MM and I were outside building the firewood pile, he sawing, I stacking...and we were visited by this lovely Monarch butterfly flitting from one remaining blossom to the next.  Though appearing fragile, its flight was strong, confident and the lovely creature was taking advantage of whatever nectar remained tucked away within the tiny throats of wildflowers that have endured the  hard frosts out here JOTOLR.  Of course we all know these beauties are Mexico-bound...but for now they are still here. 

Like many of us who are supporting the #OWS Movement, we are wondering what winter will bring to the brave protestors camped in Zucotti Park.   After the City of New York confiscated the protestors' generators when heavy snow descended upon the encampment, and shut down the protestors ability to run their kitchens, not to mention computers which broadcast to the likes of us out here JOTOLR, OWS got busy and located a source for people power.  They have now set up eleven bicycles that power the entire encampment.  They are producing twice the amount of power they had before, and now with ultra-clean energy.  Whereas they were using fossil fuel before, they are now using PEOPLE POWER.  And it's working just fine, thank you very much.

Then someone at FireDogLake started to think about the needs of a winter encampment.  Winters in NYC are not kind to ill-prepared campers.  So FDL decided to put action to words of worry.  Check out this article (and all the rest of the great stuff!) on The Informed Citizen Daily.  If you're an OWS supporter, this will warm your heart, not to mention its potential to warm the bodies of the stalwart protestors. 

Like the Monarch butterfly, fragile as it might appear, OWS isn't going away any time soon....not with this kind of creative amd symbolic inventiveness.

The article is entitled Occupy Wall Street gets new supply chain for winter months and it is located here:

At the bottom of the aricle (scroll down--it's in the center of the page) is a link to FDL where you can send donations; if you have an Occupy community near you, there is a separate link to the mechanism for connecting with that specific community and OccupySupply.

The butterfly kept us company for quite awhile, resting occasionally on the growing mound of sawdust and woodchips.  Finally, it made a farewell circle, dipping and swooping past us...heading south.  Who knows?  It may stop at an OWS occupation near you.  But just remember:  it's stronger than you think.  After all, its destination is Mexico. 

Barbara, thanks so much for your comment!  Wish more would put in a word or two from time to time, but most don't realize what danger we are in as a free and democratic society.  Our way of life is on the line.  Thank you #OWS for all you are doing!

Have a safe weekend.

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