Monday, November 14, 2011

Seeing Sex in Every Story

Warning:  TWBAR  (This will be a rant.)

I thought about abandoning this post, which I wrote over the weekend.  Thought some of you might be offended...but here we are again this morning, with the lead story on guessed it: the plight of Penn State

Had it dawned on you that over the past week the red-hot-headlining-number-one story- on every single day this past week --put forth by Google has been  in one way or another about

Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex... and more SEX?

I have often wondered if this abberrant fixation on sex by our country, of course promoted by the likes of Google, and MSM,  et al isn't brought about because the 1%--controllers of the MSM--are all alpha-males.  And alpha males are all about power, and power is about subjugation of those perceived as being weak. It is also about baiting their sharpened hooks to troll for attention from a lazy couch-anchored population to the worst society has to offer.  And corporate America wants our attention on the Bread and Circuses they are so adept at creating.

I don't know about you, but I am sick of Google's focus on sex.  More to the point, I am sick of their flagrant disregard for the suffering their They facillitate the prurient, they are the voyeurs: they are the provocateurs; it is they who promote drug (sex) addiction.   

For the past week and a half, all we've seen is  SEX,SEX,SEX,SEX,SEX...except for the intervening moments when a shooting has occurred at an Occupy Wall Street encampment (unrelated to anything OWS could, should, would, have done about it,'')

Instead of serious issues, we are slimed with still another sordid pie-cut of the JoePa scandal (scandal being another juicy word for the MSM) ad nauseum, fanning the flames of obscession.  

It's been as if nothing were more important for this country at this time than how a bunch of high-powered football jocks managed to rape children and keep it secret for years.  One commentator yesterday even had the gall to proclain that Penn State fans were somehow entitled to a win yesterday over Nebraska in order for them to overcome all the other "bad news" they were having to cope with... 

Bad news?  I guess that's one way of putting it...I rather doubt the families of the victims would have characterized the events in that vein. 

What has happened to our sense of morality, decency, compassion and privacy in an event like this?  The victims and their families are quietly suffering behind the scenes while the MSM makes a sideshow out of their pain.  This is beyond disgusting.  It's immoral in every sense of the word. 

There are so many critical things crying out for our attention, our efforts, our cooperation, our creativity, our intelligence, our understanding!  This nation is sick.  Did you know there are 47,000 homeless in New York City alone?  Now THAT is a problem worth looking into in a locale where a Republican mayor insists all is hunky dory...  Not only that, but according to some sources,  Bloomberg's thugs are now herding the homeless to Zuccotti Park, and guess what?  OWS is feeding them and offering a blanket to all comers, walking the talk, moving down the bench a notch.  How many?  OWS says it is feeding between 3-5,000 per day.  Now....why isn't New York City taking care of its homeless;  more to the point, why does it HAVE so many homeless?  

Did you know that the health department in Oakland has descended upon the OWS encampment there and is now disallowing certain foods (confiscating them) that are "unhealthy" to serve (and yes, OWS works out of certified kitchens) (and many of the recipients of the food are homeless, so the health department obviously prefers to knit-pick the minutiae of food "safety" and use that as a weapon to shut down Occupty Oakland rather than feed their homeless. 

Yes, all the stories on Google worth looking at are at the very end of their very shallow roster designed to subvert attention to what's important.  It's always Tiger Woods or Kim Kardashian (sp?) or Charlie Sheen, or Dancing With the Stars, or that Rick Perry suffers from CRS.  But, then again, there's the Herman Cain SEX scandals, ( there's those juicy words again) playing out on the political stage...over and over and over.....all with a bunch of idiots in kabuki theater, parading as "candidates." 

I try to stay away from Google, but I admit, it's difficult to do.   My blog is tied to Blogger which IS Google. So, despite getting my news from places like the Real News Network, Democracy Now, Occupy Wall Street Press, Countdown and Daily Kos, I still find myself tied to Google. 

I find it creepy, too, after I have just checked the price of coffee beans at my favorite online outlet and a minute later, in Google "news" , is an ad from ANOTHER coffee company in the righthand margin of my screen offering me a 7% discount on coffee beans from that company.  Or I've just finished visiting Paradise Fibers to check the price of a set of knitting needles,  and I get a pop-up ad in the margin on specials at Paradise Fibers that I can cash in on.  Talk about Big Brother....It's Big Brother Google.

And did you ever notice that there's no place you can complain to Google about stuff?  Nope.  They are safely anchored within the padded cells of the 1% bastion sipping their champagne as they choose "news" for the masses.  What they want you to know--or not know.  

They don't want us to think.  They don't want us to understand that corporate America has sold us out.  They don't want you to focus on the fact that the oligarchs are in power.

Want real news?  Something other than sex?  Try any of the above publications I've mentioned and learn what is really going on in this country, this world.  Get the real story on OWS--rather than some concoction of the 1%...start paying attention (if you haven't already) to the things that need doing, require understanding.  Don't settle for sugar-coated, bite-sized breakfast bits of the Today show featuring the frosted flakes and pop tarts of celebrity. some real news--news that provides nutrition for the mind and the soul instead of constant titillation.  We've got so much to do in this country!


  1. Well these are so telling of the "moral fiber" of our society. Indeed it is already sickening that controversies involving celebrities,politicians or high-profile individuals are always what are being focused on but the more serious issues that continue to plague our society is not given much attention.

  2. And, guess what, Astrid? We're back to another spate of Herman Cain. That should keep Google et al going for several days, if not weeks. Endless titillation. All of it creating a smokescreen that prevents the American people from concentrating on the things that need to be done. What a shame.
    Thanks for your comment!