Friday, November 11, 2011


I know, I season is a ways away....but we have, indeed, scored!  Read on! And BTW, thanks to Occupy Wall Street and mainly Bill McKibbens's dogged fight against the Keystone XL Pipeline Obama finally had to take notice, saying the project needed more "study."  After making a ring around the White House, Bill McKibbens and the dedicated protesters (and helped by Occupy Wall Street) won the day. 

So, I just got this email from Markos Moulitsas, Founder of Daily Kos:
Since September 29, at least 700,000 Americans have moved their money out of big banks and into credit unions.

The big banks are so freaked out by what's happening that some have locked their doors and even called the police on customers who tried to close their accounts.

Click here for ten amazing stories about big banks desperately trying to stop customers from closing their accounts:,-despite-bank-efforts-to-stopthem?detail=hide
Please share these stories with a friend, too. Everyone needs to know we have the big banks on the run.

Keep fighting,

Markos Moulitsas
Founder, Daily Kos
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