Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Am Proud to have Zeroed Out my credit card with JP Morgan Chase

Poor Alabama!

So how can we help Alabama?  Probably can't.  It's pretty much a done deal, but we can slap JP Morgan Chase.  We can be a burr under their saddle.

Quit using your credit card!  Pay it off and then leave it lie at zero balance.  Make them do the accounting every month on a zero balance.  Use money orders, checks, and cash...or if you are lucky enough to have a credit union credit card, then  for you, it's business as usual.  Withdraw your money from ALL BIG BANKS...and YES!!! it DOES hurt them.  So far, they are amazed.  The next withdraw en masse is December 5, 2011. That gives you plenty of time to move your money.  By putting it into local, community banks, the money stays in! 

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