Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why Does Greece Need U. S. Tanks to Straighten Out Their Financial Mess?

I am wondering why Greece needs tanks from the U. S. to settle their financial difficulties...It's time we all started "wondering" what the heck is going on....worldwide as well as right here in our rapidly crumbling former democracy...and it DOES concern everyone...or should...Yves Smith is no lightweight!

Aren't you all wondering about a LOT of other things?  It's time to at least start paying consistent attention! The billionaires are on the marchm too.  They know what's at stake for them.  These soldiers of fortune include the Bloombergs, the Clintons, the Blankfeins, the Dimons, the Bushes, the Geithners.....and they're all "marching" lockstep against those of us in the 99%. 

It's time to get off the couch.

So, what can you do?  TALK.  Talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends.  Don't hide your light under a bushel.  If an 84-year-old woman can demonstrate, WE can.  WEAR your opposition.  Move your money.  Vote with your feet.  We didn't elect the Obama we now have.  They got to him.  Yeah, it's a little bit of extra effort to move those monthly pay-ins, but do it!  Start thinking about who would make a good "write-in" candidate.  How about Marcy Kaptur?  Elizabeth Warren?  Have the courage to start something.

Take the time to study what's going on.  Read Daily Kos--there are plenty of choices.  Watch Amy Goodman's Democracy Now.  Take time to explain to those who are still questioning, still on the fence.  It won't be long, now--a few months at the longest--and you're going to want to be in the thick of it, fighting for your Constitutional rights.

Right now, as I write, despite authorized press passes, journalists are not being allowed to cover the march on Wall Street "for security reasons.."  Check out Democracy Now, which is running a Live Stream...go to for a Live Stream

And did you know we're sending troops to Australia?  TROOPS!

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